The software for floriculture

FreshPortal was created with knowledge about the floriculture industry and passion for creating high-quality software solutions. Robin Jongkind and his team of specialists know what the sector needs. Together with you, we create the software solution that suits your organization, so that your company will do better.



We grow your future together

Placing everything centrally in one system is of crucial importance for the floriculture sector. Many processes have to be completed in a short period of time. The ordered product needs to be delivered on time, customer expectations are high, you want to be able to buy & sell products in many places, to pay and receive the proper product.

FreshPortal's modules are coordinated in such a way that you can put together the entire workflow of customer, stock and order management in one solution according to your wishes. We think it is important to find out together with you what your company needs. 'We grow your future together'.

Is your business ready for the future?

Designed to work together, FreshPortal’s modules form one coherent system that supports your workflow. Whether you are managing customers, stock, or orders, we think it is important to work on what your business needs. We grow your future together.

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