Grower P.W.J. van de Wouw

The service of FreshPortal is really great!

"The service of FreshPortal is really great," says Ria van de Wouw, of Nursery P.W.J. van de Wouw in Eexterveen. As one of the first FreshPortal EAB users she tells about her experiences. "We have always been AntEater EAB software users. When we heard that AntEater was no longer supported we switched to FreshPortal EAB. We immediately started using this in the supply of oak leaf this fall. With 100% digital from Floriday on our doorstep, we didn't want to take any risks and get stuck with our peonies next spring. In the beginning FreshPortal EAB took some getting used to, but the making of the auction letters is getting better and better."

Printing on location

"It's very nice that FreshPortal is always ready to answer our questions. Like when converting the auction letter into a print-ready PDF. With FreshPortal EAB you can be reached anywhere. However, my husband is a bit less handy with the computer and he leaves the creation of the auction letters to me. With cultivation locations in Anderen, Gieterveen and Schipborg, that's not always practical. Certainly not if you want to bring the full auction carts directly to the auction from there. Then it takes time to drive back to Eexterveen to pick up the printed auction letters for the auction carts. So we looked for a solution together with FreshPortal. We had already bought such a compact mobile printing device to be able to print the auction letters on location. FreshPortal has ensured that I can turn every auction letter into a print-ready PDF. I mail it to my husband so he can print them and attach them to the auction carts. Not having to drive back and forth for the auction letter saves us a lot of time and costs!"

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