AgroCheck provides debtor information for the flower and plant industry. The online database contains more than 33,000 companies worldwide within the sector, of which more than 2,400 are registered on the 'Warning List'. In addition, AgroCheck produces dozens of up-to-date accounts receivable reports from its customers every week, including credit advice. Credit limits issued by AgroCheck provide cover up to the agreed self-assessment limit for companies with Atradius credit insurance.

    If a customer fails to pay, AgroCheck Collections can be called in. AgroCheck Collections is the only specialised collection agency for the worldwide floriculture industry.

    More information: https://www.agro-check.nl/

    Ai2 is an independent online payment platform for the floriculture sector. You arrange your transactions in a safe and user-friendly online environment. As a supplier, you always pay a fixed amount for subscription and commission. As a buyer, the use of Ai2 is free of charge.

    How does it work?

    You are a supplier in the horticultural sector and you receive an order for a batch of flowers or plants. You send your electronic delivery form (EAB) to Ai2, after which Ai2 sends the delivery message (EKT/DES ADV) to your buyer. You then deliver the order to your customer. Your customer receives the daily invoice from Ai2 the same afternoon, showing the products delivered. After expiry of the statutory collection period in accordance with SEPA, Ai2 deposits the amount into your account within 5 days, taking into account any payment agreements.

    You always have online access to all your transactions, so you can immediately see which payments you have received or will receive. Of course, you can also enter multiple transactions to multiple customers at the same time.

    More information: www.ai2.nl

    Nowadays, there are large computers (servers and data centres) all over the world that are connected to the Internet. The storage space of these servers is also called 'the cloud'. This storage space is 'rented' by companies. When you store files in the cloud, you can view/open them by logging in with an internet connection. So you don't need to have the files on your computer, but can open them anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. This is comparable to the way in which mail services such as Gmail and Hotmail work. After all, you don't have your e-mails on your computer but you log in to view your e-mail.

    FreshPortal Software in the cloud

    The software of FreshPortal is also stored in the cloud. So no software needs to be installed on your computer. You open FreshPortal by logging in via your web browser.

    *FreshPortal's software only works on computers with Windows Vista or higher.

    An API is an abbreviation that stands for Application Programming Interface. An API makes it possible for a website (web application) to offer an 'input' to another website. Through this gateway, the different websites can communicate with each other and exchange data.

    To explain an API in simple terms, we often make the comparison with a plug and a socket. A multiple socket can be seen as the website, and the plug in this case as an API. If the plug fits the socket, they can communicate with each other.

    Many websites and web applications have APIs nowadays, including FreshPortal. We also call them "links" because they link FreshPortal to other systems.

    FreshPortal is an ERP software system. The abbreviation ERP street for Enterprise Resource Planning. The definition of an ERP system is as follows: a software package that brings together important information from various business departments. With an ERP package, business processes are automated, which increases productivity and reduces costs. The actual data of production, purchase and sales, logistics and administration can be linked, so that the processes can be controlled automatically and thus run more efficiently. This relieves the entrepreneur of concerns, provides him with better insight and enables him to optimise his processes.

    Floriday is the new digital trading platform of FloraHolland, with which growers can manage their catalogue, supply and orders. Growers can use Floriday to operate various trading channels - including the Klok, FloraXchange and FloraMondo.

    A number of forms of settlement, such as the grower-grower arrangement, the trade arrangement (surrendering and taking over) and orders that are established by telephone or e-mail, are not possible in Floriday.

    More information: www.floriday.io