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Are you ready for Floriday?

FreshPortal director Robin Jongkind cannot ask it often enough: "Are you ready for Floriday? In practice this often turns out not to be the case, and that worries him. "There are only ten weeks to go before the current auction process makes the switch to Floriday. So are you also planning a 100% digital connection to Floriday with FreshPortal EAB? Then do not wait until the last moment. Arrange this quickly, so you will not get into trouble.

"Because did you know that customers of FreshPortal can auction first in Floriday? So far no other software vendor has managed that. With the EAB software FreshPortal contributes to a smooth transition to Floriday. The success of Floriday is according to Jongkind in everyone's interest.

"FreshPortal EAB resembles AntEater, but looks just a little more modern. The usage principle remains the same: fill out the auction letter, send it and you're done. It can save a lot of time and costs if you are ready for it now. Attention, it's so January!


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