Floranow connection with FreshPortal realizes even more freedom of choice

Offer or buy? By default, the API integration is available in FreshPortal.

A link with online flower marketplace Floranow offers FreshPortal software users even more freedom of choice. Whether you want to offer or buy that does not matter, by default this freedom of choice is present in the FreshPortal software. Previously FreshPortal gave access to well-known sales channels such as Floriday, FloraXchange, Floramondo and now also to Floranow.

Robin Jongkind, CEO FreshPortal, confirms that Floranow is an important addition for even more freedom of choice for FreshPortal customers. "An important plus is that with FreshPortal software as a provider or buyer through a modern API you can now also connect to Floranow, which as a leading marketplace operates in another region. Giving our growers and buyers worldwide easy access to this kind of platform creates more and more sales and purchasing opportunities. Whether FreshPortal customers want to use this is of course a decision for the entrepreneurs themselves, but the solution is standard in our software. Of course we are proud to be the first software supplier to also have this API link with Floranow in place. 

More about Floranow
Floranow is the first B2B online flower marketplace in the Middle East. Founder and CEO of Floranow is Charif Mzayek, who literally grew up in a flower store and developed a great involvement in many areas of the industry such as cultivation, trade design and retail. His great passion for entrepreneurship in the flower industry and tremendous drive to want to solve the pains and challenges that flower growers and buyers face on a daily basis led to the birth of Floranow several years ago. An online marketplace that enables direct, transparent and efficient transactions between growers and buyers from all over the world. Innovative technology and optimized cold chain solutions allow Floranow to guarantee the freshest quality of produce for all stakeholders. At the forefront is offering a wide assortment of more than 12,000 items, the highest quality and the best price for buyers and sellers. Floranow is there for growers and buyers. Floranow's headquarters and logistics center are located in the Dubai Flower Centre. For more information, visit. is there for growers and buyers. Floranow's headquarters and logistics center are located in the Dubai Flower Centre.

Future-oriented software package
"It is expected that in the near future even more interesting supply or sales channels will become available" Robin Jongkind concluded earlier. "Of course we will also connect to these from FreshPortal with a standard module. As technology, we will deploy our advanced API linking technology for this, which is easy to use for everyone. After all, with FreshPortal we offer you freedom of choice in the broadest sense of the word. Whether you want to offer or buy on Floriday, Floranow doesn't matter. The ability to do so is standard in our software. With a future-oriented software package, FreshPortal offers all possibilities for even more freedom of choice in the future.