Freshportal offers solution for dropping of EAB in Floriday

Freshportal offers solution for dropping of EAB in Floriday

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With the arrival of Floriday, Royal FloraHolland’s new trade platform, much is about to change for growers. Several check out methods, for example, are not possible with Floriday. Additionally, you need to enter stock, after which buyers can solely place orders through this platform. FreshPortal Grower offers an alternative that retains the freedom of choice you are used to.

FreshPortal is the first software supplier with an active Floriday connection. This connection automatically updates stock and supply to Floriday. Additionally, it is possible to auction from within FreshPortal, and to instantly expand to all other platforms and exporters, including the familiar VMP connections.

FreshPortal also connects with Ai2. Ai2 offers solutions for the financial processing of direct orders, based on standard Floricode messages, including potential CC trolleys. Transactions are settled easily, insured and with the existing EAB.

With FreshPortal Grower, every grower can get started quickly. It is an online program so there is no need to install hardware and software. The grower receives their login details within 24 hours of registering and can get started immediately.

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