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Offers directly linked to your stock.

Creating offers is another one of those functions in the FreshPortal software that provides efficiency and time savings in the digital field. But what is so special about that? Our ICT specialist Eelco Kramer explains. "Starting with FreshPortal Gold, creating offers is standard in your software package. The beauty of this feature is that it allows you to send offers from your own stock to customers or customer groups. They receive these by email so your customers can order directly from your offer."

"This has huge benefits, because often orders are passed on with an app, phone call or email. These are then taken over and processed manually. With the FreshPortal software this is not necessary, because your customers can order directly from the received offer the system ensures that everything is processed automatically in one process flow. As a result, all orders come to you directly as ready-made orders. This not only saves you time and actions, it is also much less error prone and also has a direct link to your stock records so that these are always up to date as well."