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FreshPortal EAB is available for Floriday (RFH) Plantion and Rhein Maas auction. In addition, the EAB module is available as an option with all our other software packages.

FreshPortal Replaces EAB is an easy-to-use scalable and future-proof software module for creating, sending and printing electronic delivery notes (EAB) to all auctions. A familiar concept with a modern twist.


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The auction letter

As you enter, you will see the familiar delivery note on the screen. You can easily switch between different delivery numbers and auctions, add photos, and search the integrated code lists such as barrel codes and product codes. You can immediately see which data is missing or filled in incorrectly. Save the batch data in the product catalogue to quickly add the product to the next letter. The fully completed EAB is immediately sent to Floriday or Plantion via our advanced API link. This familiar working method saves you time and maintains an overview at all times. Watch the instruction videos on this page to see how it works.

  • Automatic transmission of the EAB to Floriday or Plantion.
  • Check for missing or incorrect data.
  • Full control over the final letter.

Lot from catalog

In addition to manually entering all batch data, you can also copy them directly from the catalog if they are already there. Of course things like quantity and price can still be adjusted. In this way delivery notes can be created quickly and easily.

  • No more manually entering each batch for each letter.
  • Generate delivery notes with just a few clicks.
  • Adjustments remain possible.
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Lot from stock

Do you have a stock that you want to sell from? You can also create a delivery note for this without any problems. The stock is automatically adjusted to the number of products you put on the letter.

  • The flexibility to sell from the catalog as well as from existing stock.
  • Accurate registration of the current stock.
  • A clear way to enter the data of all parties.



Sometimes it is better to sell something directly. Of course, the option to send a connect letter should not be missed. With the connect letter option in the FreshPortal EAB platform you have all the convenience of entering lots and customers on a delivery note available for direct sales.

  • Same way to create all letters.
  • Selling via the auction and via connect.
  • The ability to enter a delivery method, date, and time.
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FreshPortal EAB for Plantion

Different auctions have different delivery form guidelines. With FreshPortal EAB, you don't have to worry about which auctions are supported. Whether you sell through Floriday or Plantion; FreshPortal EAB offers the possibility to create letters for all auctions.

  • The ability to sell through multiple auctions.
  • Automatic selection of the correct settings for each EAB.
  • One easy process.

Cloud based

Like all our software packages, FreshPortal EAB is fully cloud-based. This means that you do not need to install any software on your computer, but instead log onto a web page. This has a number of advantages. For example, you are no longer tied to a specific workstation but can log in from anywhere, all you need is an internet connection. In addition, updates and expansions are always automatically updated in all our systems. So your software is always up-to-date.

Offer from stock

When you work from stock you can not only send EAB's but also offer products on Floriday and other sales channels. FreshPortal EAB is a standard part of all our more extensive (ERP) packages. See here which package suits you best.

FreshPortal EAB License

View the annual EAB license fee per supply number here.

Supply number Implementation fee Per year
1 € 275 € 420


Contact our sales for multiple supply numbers.
Call: +31 (0)88 70 70 460


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