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With the software of FreshPortal, you can easily sell and purchase flowers and plants from Floriday. You can easily integrate data from Floriday, such as article information, supply, orders and deliveries, into FreshPortal's stock system. That saves time!

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Floriday API

Thanks to the API, the modules of FreshPortal and Floriday connect seamlessly and data exchange such as article information, supply, orders and deliveries is  immediately.
For the grower, Floriday is a good sales channel; you have access to an open and global marketplace for floriculture. From our catalog module you can offer your supply to the Floriday platform.
Are you a trader? Via the Floriday platform you have access to the most up-to-date supply from nurseries. Via our stock module you can check what you need to buy, so that you can offer the assortment that is in demand. 


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FreshPortal's modules are designed together in such a way that you can put together the entire workflow of customer, stock and order management in one solution according your wishes. We think it is important to find out together with you what your company needs. 'We grow your future together'.

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