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FreshPortal Bronze

With the arrival of Floriday, Royal FloraHolland’s new trade platform, much is about to change for growers. Several check out methods, for example, are not possible with Floriday. Additionally, you need to enter stock, after which buyers can solely place orders through this platform. FreshPortal Grower offers an alternative that retains the freedom of choice you are used to.

Online within 48 hours

Implementing FreshPortal Grower is fast and easy. Because the software is hosted in the cloud, there is no hardware or software that needs to be installed. You will receive a login and the link to your FreshPortal system within 24 hours following your application. After a few set-up steps you will be directly ready to go: you can be online within 48 hours! Of course, our support team is ready to answer your questions by phone, both during and after the implementation.

Temporarily discount on implementation fee

We are also making the move to FreshPortal as financially appealing as possible. You pay monthly, and for a limited time we charge €500,- implementation fees instead of the usual €750,-.


  • Dashboard with the overview of all important information

  • Manage stock
Incoming batches
Check in stock
Grading orders
Repack lots
Stock lists
Stock overview
Stock overview + edit
Create bouqets

  • Customer overview
  • View and manage customers
  • Directly create customers from the Floricode database
Use customer groups
Work with multiple customer delivery addresses

Create divides
Send offers

Monthly 100 €

Work with orders
Order at suppliers
Standing orders
Match stock to open orders

  • Invoice status overview
Invoice overview
Work with main debtors
Merge invoices

Management invoice totals
Batch history
Extensive management information about sales

  • Create product catalog
  • Create stock from catalog
Manage products
Product GTIN codes

Create orders on scanners
Scanner stock control

  • Floriday weeklists
  • Auction products using Floriday
  • Auction on Plantion
  • Settle payments on Plantion
  • Settle payments with AI2
Send EKT messages
Floriday IO connections
Incomming VMP connections
Outgoing connections
Receive and process Florecom orders
Plantion simple letter

  • Manage suppliers
Manage packaging
Manage manufacturers
User management
View tags

Packing administration
Air waybill information
Build trolley
Print box labels
Use trolley

  • Create packing lists
Create CMR files
Manage and create templates
Pack boxes
Print package lists
Print customer labels
Print end customer labels

Multiple currencies
Timezone support


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Monthly fees

FreshPortal Bronze 195/mo 220/mo
(Monthly fees / ex VAT)

Implementation fee

FreshPortal Bronze Implementation fee 750 850
(Implementation fee / ex VAT)


Based on your business operations and our practical experience, it is determined which FreshPortal package suits you best. You will receive a detailed explanation of the possibilities and functionalities of your FreshPortal package, and you will be personally guided during the implementation by one of our implementation specialists.

Ready for the future with FreshPortal!

Apply now and save on the one-time implementation fees for a limited time only.

FreshPortal Silver