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FreshPortal is the advanced solution for the modern floriculture industry. From the stock module to accounting links, from a webshop to revenue management. All processes in one system.


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We are a fast growing organization, with floriculture roots charting a clear course. “We grow your future” means that we realize growth together with our customers through digitization, progressive, user-friendly software and freedom of choice.

FreshPortal software is used worldwide by growers, traders and cash & carry. You can enter and expand at any automation level in any direction of your business.

FreshPortal software runs online. No need to purchase and maintain expensive hardware. You can work anywhere in the world with any device and internet connection. We can realize expansions or adjustments remotely quickly and easily.



FreshPortal EAB user friendly and efficient

The module FreshPortal EAB has been one of the toppers of FreshPortal Software for several years. This EAB software module was developed specifically for growers and traders in the floriculture sector as a successor to the AntEater package.

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FreshPortal module Stock Locations highlighted

You already know that FreshPortal Software is the leading floriculture software package. You also know that FreshPortal continuously develops new modules with which you can expand your software package. The new Stock Locations module was designed to provide stock management for both internal and external locations. FreshPortal IT specialist Rene Burggraaf, who participated in the development of this module, knows all the ins and outs. He explains how the module works and what advantages it has in store for you.

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Zuluflora: A platform with a cooperative mindset

The South African company Zuluflora has been an enthusiastic user of FreshPortal Software for several years. By using FreshPortal Software we are able to link and integrate all growers and look at our production as a whole, said a Worthington and Hamish Godbold of Zuluflora. If you want to know why, you should first have some more information about Zuluflora.

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