What is FreshPortal Software?

Software for modern floriculture

FreshPortal is modern, future-proof cloud-native software for automation and digitization in the floriculture sector. At its core an ERP system that connects supply and demand and, due to its modular structure, can be easily adapted to the customer's needs and profile. User-friendly, cost-efficient, easy to integrate and scalable.

"With our innovative software solutions, we make the floriculture industry more efficient and connect it globally."

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Who is FreshPortal intended for?

With FreshPortal, growers, importers, exporters, wholesalers, line drivers, purchasing organizations and retailers worldwide have the software that suits their specific processes and level of automation. From core transaction system to simply integrated modules. FreshPortal serves over 450 customers in 40 countries with 6,000 users in 15 languages.
"With FreshPortal, customers can co-automate their own relationships
based on a supplier portal or a web shop."

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What makes FreshPortal unique?

Transactions within floriculture are incomparable to those within other sectors, because the products traded can still grow or change during transport or storage. This affects the value. Based on specialist knowledge, experience and context-specific configuration, growth and shelf life can be taken into account automatically.

"Our customer values us as a reliable provider of solutions that are innovative, clear and user-friendly."