FreshPortal Solutions new name for Traction IT

A new name, but the same service.

Maybe you've noticed it recently? Traction IT has changed to FreshPortal Solutions, a new name, but the same service. We will continue to use you with our trusted dedication for all the services and products we provide in the IT field.
Why a new name, that still requires an explanation? Traction IT has been supplying products and services in the field of (office) automation and internet services for over 20 years. Traditionally, a large part of the customer base is related to the floriculture sector. This sector has never been an end in itself, but the logical consequence of the focus on the Aalsmeer region and later other regions in the Netherlands. In addition, there is a nice group of customers outside this sector that we can support in the IT field.

With the name change, our servces are more in line with the activities of our sister company FreshPortal Software, the most innovative software supplier in the floriculture sector for growers, traders and cash-and-carry worldwide.

By supplying software as well as supporting automation services and hardware from the overarching FreshPortal Group, there is a better synergy between both companies and unity and clarity for both existing relationships and new customers.

Trusted service, but with a new name. We are and will continue to be of service to you with everything in the field of IT: from cloud services such as e-mail, backup and online workplaces to VoIP telephony and delivery of and support on hardware, printers and mobile logistics work solutions.

If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.