Cloud services

Access to your own files and programs always and everywhere, using any device? No more unexpected ICT costs, much more flexibility and scalability and lower initial investments? Guaranteed safe and knowing where you stand? Then you are looking for a cloud solution!

Does your company have to go all the way to the Cloud? No, it certainly doesn't. There are technically good hybrid combinations that can be realised and perhaps even already are.

There are various options that can be offered in different combinations. We are happy to discuss what suits your company best in a personal meeting. Every situation and every company is different, so we are happy to make a customized proposal.




FreshPortal Office Suite

Online workspace

Your own secure, uniform workplace, anytime, anywhere. Open your own programmes and files wherever you want. With all standard Microsoft Office programmes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, including PDF reader, safe backup, management and maintenance.

FreshPortal Solutions can also deliver custom work. Other software can be added, such as your financial software, your own or branch-specific ERP software and other Microsoft software with an SQL database, etc. You can log in safely because we use so-called > 2-factor authentication.

FreshPortal Managed Backup

Online Backup

With our online backup service, we offer you a powerful solution for backing up valuable information. From PC's to servers, from a simple backup of files and folders, to backups of complete virtual servers (on different hypervisors like VMWare ESX and Microsoft Hyper-V) and state-aware applications like Exchange and Microsoft SQL.

The backup process is fully automated and data is stored in two different data centres. Excellent protection against unauthorised access and always available when needed. In short, the extra certainty of a good backup, without worries.



Stand out from the crowd

Your business is unique and FreshPortal gives you all the tools you need to deliver a remarkable work experience.
Talk to our team to find out how.