WiFi As A Service (WaaS)

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Wireless internet

The demand for access
to a Wi-Fi network:
we don't know any better these days.

Whether it's your customers or your employees, your company needs a reliable and stable WiFi network. In addition, the number of employees' own devices is growing, and they need to be able to communicate with any device from any location, whether in the office, in the warehouse, outside or in a cold store. To meet this growing demand, costs increase and the reliability and stability of your network decreases.

Seamless roaming

We also see an increasing demand for 'seamless roaming'. Only with this can a moving Wifi device be transferred without interruption from one access point to another within the Wifi network. Think of a salesperson with a PDA, a warehouse worker with a computer in his forklift or a walking employee with a smartphone who has an audio or video call over the Internet.

Seamless roaming in the Wifi network can only be achieved by adding a so-called Wifi controller. This takes care of monitoring, central management and neat 'transferring' of Wifi devices.





WiFi as a Service

By making use of the Wifi as a Service (WaaS) service, the worries about the wireless Internet disappear immediately. WaaS ensures that you, but also customers, guests and employees can make safe and reliable use of your Wifi network, without having to worry about it, at a fixed monthly rate.

The advantages of Wifi as a Service:

  • low or no investment costs
  • a carefree, safe and fully managed Wifi network
  • possibility for separate guest network with access portal
  • monitored 24/7
  • easy to expand with extra access points
  • ready for increasingly complex needs in the area of Wifi (extremely scalable!)

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