Domain management

The hosting of websites, handling and spam filtering of mail, domain name registration and internet connections can also be handled with confidence.





FreshPortal Web

Domain names and web hosting

We provide quality web hosting from our own servers. In combination with the possibility of registering all kinds of domain names, from .nl to .eu and all global domain name extensions, we can also take the burden off your company: one point of contact, one bill.

Reliability and quality are our top priority!

FreshPortal Secure Mail

High-quality spam/virus filtering

The mail that comes into your organisation is heavily polluted, the majority is redundant, misleading or downright dangerous. In short: you have a lot of SPAM! It costs time and money and you run the risk that the organisation is brought to a standstill by external calamities or that files are damaged beyond repair. Lock the door and don't receive any more misery through mail with this service.

For our customers in specific industries, we have of course ensured that, for example, important order e-mails, such as EKT and EDI messages, pass through without any problems and quickly.

We do take into account the specific email behaviour of our clients in the sectors in which they operate, where the major providers might filter out that one order from Russia that is so important to you, or not let an important EDI message through immediately because it 'looks so strange', with the result that your logistical process comes to a standstill.



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