Always Up-to-date:

Reliable Product Information with FreshPortal.
Always Up-to-date:

In the world of floriculture, accurate and up-to-date product information is invaluable. At FreshPortal, we understand the need for reliable information, which is why we are pleased to present our solution for up-to-date product information. This not only keeps you up to date, but also provides your customers with consistent and reliable information.

A fresh look at product information
With our FreshPortal B2B online store and seamless integration with our ERP system, we bring a new standard for up-to-date product information. All product details, prices and specifications are automatically updated, both in the online-store and in the ERP system. This means that your customers always have access to the most accurate and reliable information, which is essential in the world of flowers and plants.

No hassle, only reliability
Updating product information can be a time-consuming process, but not with FreshPortal. Our automated updates mean you no longer have to struggle with manual updates or outdated information.This gives you the freedom to focus on what you do best: growing and marketing beautiful flowers.

Consistency that builds trust
Consistency is the key to building trust with your customers. Whether it's new prices, changed specifications or added products, our solution keeps your information consistent and reliable.This not only creates a positive experience for your customers, but also strengthens your reputation in the marketplace.

Together we thrive
At FreshPortal, we are committed to supporting your success in the industry. Our up-to-date product information solution is designed to help you thrive in a competitive marketplace. Let's work together for a future where your floral beauty not only grows, but thrives.

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