FreshPortal module Stock Locations highlighted

The Stock Locations module provides stock management for both internal and external locations.
FreshPortal module Stock Locations highlighted

You already know that FreshPortal Software is the leading floriculture software package. You also know that FreshPortal continuously develops new modules with which you can expand your software package. The new Stock Locations module was designed to provide stock management for both internal and external locations. FreshPortal IT specialist Rene Burggraaf, who participated in the development of this module, knows all the ins and outs. He explains how the module works and what advantages it has in store for you.


Rene Burggraaf, CTO

For growers, traders, and exporters; the Stock Locations module is ideal, says Rene. Through a direct link to your administration you have a complete overview of your stock and the associated logistical processes. The development of this module started to address the immediate needs FreshPortal users had. This focus ensures that the Stock Locations module is widely applicable, relieves practical concerns, and provides greater efficiency. In real time it shows you where your products are, in which packaging, and in what quantities. It also offers you all the options you need to stay on top of logistical processing, i.e. your order fulfillment.

External locations
The Stock Locations work for both internal and external locations. In this context, external locations can be a company with multiple physical locations such as multiple sites, farms, or facilities. This often results in different shipping moments and varying delivery times between locations. In a practical sense this module solves that by letting you, in addition to moving stock from one location to another, register and deregister your stock per location. This can be extremely useful if stock locations are further apart from one another, as various order items can be brought to a central hub before final shipping of the entire order.

Complete fulfillment
Keeping track of stock moving between locations with this module has other practical applications as well. Using the module in FreshPortal, you can immediately see which stock is at which location. Right from your dashboard. This also provides you with a convenient overview of all stock and stock movements, across all  locations. Order fulfillment is included, with a direct link to your administration. Everything from stock and logistics management to the printing of packing slips and stickers per location.

The Stock Locations module is just as useful for internal locations. Managing a warehouse per hall and/or cold store, shelves, and compartments. It really is very useful. In terms of user friendliness, FreshPortal has also been listening to its users. Items and products, whether coming in or going out, can easily be scanned on-site. This lets you automatically add to or subtracted from your stock. And did you know that packing slips and order picking lists can even be printed in the order the carts are loaded? FreshPortal makes the whole process as easy as possible.


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