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Introducing FreshPortal Software's Revolutionary Online Onboarding.

FreshPortal Software is proud to introduce a game-changing feature with our online onboarding system. Experience our fully functional grower or trader system for free with all available modules for 30 days.

The benefits of this are immense, as new users can familiarize themselves with the software without incurring any cost. Our standard profiles for growers and wholesalers allow you to create your own catalog and manage your inventory. This is the backbone of your system that will allow you to manage your sales via all industry standard channels, as well as your very own webshop. Use your sales data for business intelligence analytics, and manage procurement of new stock accordingly. 

Support is readily available through the FreshPortal Academy, where our training videos and 'help bubbles' offer step-by-step guidance on the various modules. And if you need further assistance, our customer success managers are ready to guide you.

"This revolutionary online onboarding is a giant leap in our journey as global leader in future-proof, fully cloud-native software," said Robin Jongkind, FreshPortal Software's founder and CEO. "Our role as a central player in the supply chain is strengthened, as our existing users can now automate and connect their customers and suppliers seamlessly."

Unlike traditional software packages, our pricing model is flexible. Users only pay for the modules they use, eliminating any one-time startup costs, expensive servers, or backup systems. With FreshPortal Software, everything is arranged in one platform, providing convenience, cost savings, and security to our users.

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