With FreshPortal ready for new sorting machine

at Royal FloraHolland Dockservices Aalsmeer
With FreshPortal ready for new sorting machine

Dockservices is the service that takes care of the arrival of import floriculture products at the auction. This concerns products that can be received 24x7, sorted and delivered to an auction location.

Whether you are a (foreign) grower, Dutch agent or importer, with FreshPortal you are ready to use the new sorting machine at Dockservices. This new machine provides automated sorting in a fully refrigerated environment, can handle a larger volume and reduces costs on, for example, labor.

This new procedure requires the grower to label all boxes correctly and to work with the new, standardized packing lists. As a grower or agent, you can't meet these new requirements? Additional costs will then be charged for preparing the goods for shipment and having them manually stickered and packing lists made, or otherwise for manual processing with receipt at Dockservices.

What have we made available to the grower in FreshPortal?

✅ Generate the uniform Dockservices packing list directly in your system
✅ Label your boxes with the required Dockservices QR barcode

The above is a nice addition to, for example, the functionality below in FreshPortal:

🍀 Harvest screen - on touchscreens you can easily create batches, print labels and create shipments
🍀 Crop planning - including registration of pesticides
🍀 Forecasting
🍀 Expand your sales via various sales channels, including
🍀 Invoicing and payments
🍀 Keep an overview of all your orders and their status
🍀 Continue working offline, even in the event of an internet failure
🍀 Track shipments and report complete shipments after delivery by Dockservices
🍀 Use one and the same label during the entire process, from production to arrival at the agent or unpacker/repacker

Please inquire whether and how you can have this activated in your system.

Not yet a user of FreshPortal software? We are happy to explain what we can do for you.

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