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John Wagenaar of Drenthe FLowers

So far FreshPortal has delivered on all its promises
John Wagenaar of Drenthe FLowers

"So far FreshPortal has delivered on all its promises" says John Wagenaar of Drenthe Flowers from Klazienaveen. "We always used the AntEater software package GreenFinger. When this stopped we started looking for a similar software program. That would have to comply with the link with Floriday's new API. However, many software suppliers were still busy developing that link this spring. From FreshPortal they said they were already ready so that became our choice."

FreshPortal Silver

"Because of the order system followed at Drenthe Flowers, we preferred FreshPortal Silver, which offers a complete ERP software package. This fitted in best with our current questions and so far we can say that FreshPortal lives up to its promises. In FreshPortal Silver the EAB module, which is also available separately, is included as standard. It works clearly, quickly and easily. Especially for linking different lot photos per EAB. This saves a lot of time when creating EAB's. But also the photo module and the photo app work smoothly and very easy".
"From the extensive catalog we can create orders or link them to incoming orders and provide them with packing slips and packing lists. This is automatically followed by the delivery bills, which after a final check can be directly forwarded to Floriday. Especially that last check is always nice. For this reason alone, it is worth investigating what else the FreshPortal Silver software package has to offer. On the FreshPortal website you will find detailed information with which a good comparison can be made. Based on this information everyone can easily assess what is important for their order system".


"Not unimportant in making our choice for FreshPortal Silver was the communication , how quickly faults are resolved and how our company-specific questions are dealt with. Or rather, how customer-oriented is FreshPortal? In that respect we can say that all our questions are always answered quickly, that the accessibility is excellent and that we think along constructively with our questions. Adjustments are made quickly. You can imagine that every company actually wants a personal system or custom costume. So do we. The advantage of FreshPortal Silver is the flexibility which makes many parts easy to adjust to your own wishes. We have been working full-time with the new software for some time now and so far we are satisfied. Maybe tomorrow we will have a new question and we will ask our software supplier FreshPortal".

5-stars-200x42John Wagenaar, Drenthe FLowers