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Raymond Nederpel of Flora-Ned

Flora-Ned BV FreshPortal Silver user from the very beginning

Flora-Ned BV FreshPortal Silver user from the very beginning
Flora-Ned BV in Honselersdijk is a FreshPortal Silver user from the very beginning. "In 2007, I started Flora-Ned BV" says Raymond Nederpel. "This quickly became a success and in 2012 my partner Richard van Erk joined. Flora-Ned is a purchasing and export company of cut flowers, pot plants, garden plants and accessories. With this we focus on supplying customers with flower stores, wholesalers, garden centers and line drivers in a large part of Europe. Also, we are a Decorum dealer."
FreshPortal doesn't keep you on a leash
"After some bad experiences, we started looking for a good software provider that could offer a complete ERP package with web shop for the right price. With other providers we were used to receiving an extra invoice for every action. It was also customary to have your own server if you wanted to work with a web shop. We wanted this to be different. This is how we ended up at FreshPortal. It had just started at the time. At that first contact they told me that they needed some time to finish the package. I liked that, because I was not kept on a short leash. After a while we were able to start using the basic package from the cloud. Each year that followed, the software got better and better. An advantage of FreshPortal Silver is that we can also keep up with all the new developments. This is all included in the monthly fee."



In the picture: Team Flora-Ned

Everything is running just as it should
They are extremely satisfied with FreshPortal Silver at Flora-Ned. This also applies to the web shop. "With the web shop we use several links to offer the widest possible range of cut flowers, pot and garden plants and accessories. In addition to daily fresh products, we also sell partly from stock. Our customers are generally satisfied with the products we offer via the web shop. But also in terms of service FreshPortal is worth recommending and our experiences with the helpdesk are good. Although we fortunately do not need to use it often. Occasionally something needs to be checked, but overall everything runs smoothly," says a satisfied Raymond Nederpel of Flora-Ned BV.