FreshPortal Customer stories

Remco Bergkamp of Rose Handling Services

Flexibility and ease of use of FreshPortal appeal to me
Remco Bergkamp of Rose Handling Services

An active FreshPortal software user is also Rose Handling Services in Rijnsburg which is affiliated with Mount Elgon Orchards Ltd in Kenya. Remco Bergkamp says that the extensive FreshPortal Gold software package with integrated EAB Floriday module that they work with appeals to their flexibility and ease of use.

Flexibility and ease of use appeal

"I've been working with this software for a long time and it's just incredibly handy that you can access it on the road or at home. In fact, anywhere where there is internet. I also think it's an advantage that it's not all of those separate modules as you often see with other software packages. Moreover, you automatically always have the latest software updates at your disposal and because Kenya is connected to the same software there is always access to the fast database. For example, you always know what is in stock and therefore you don't easily miss out. You know exactly what's coming and you can easily view orders."

Floriday from Royal FloraHolland

About Floriday Remco says to be a bit worried now that this is getting closer and closer. "Then we are lucky to have FreshPortal as one of the first software specialists with a good link and software solutions in that direction. FreshPortal has already overcome many problems, but not everything. In that respect, FreshPortal with hands and feet tied to Floriday. Because FreshPortal one week a problem with Floriday solved, then it turns out the following week in Floriday again to be different. Still, I do not want to get rid of Floriday. After all, it is its complexity that makes it extra complicated. Much is not in order yet, which makes Floriday very laborious for us. To our customers this will certainly cause delays, while you want to keep your service level high. Then you do not want to be delayed in delivery. It sometimes seems that the people who work on Floriday are not from the industry. I therefore miss a sounding board. It is there for software suppliers, but not for growers and suppliers. Given the enormous complexity of Floriday, this would be desirable."