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With FreshPortal webshop, Viridivi looks professional

Franck Pohu looks back with great enthusiasm on his successful start as an import and export company Viridivi.
With FreshPortal webshop, Viridivi looks professional

You just have to dare, start a new business in a covid-dominated world. Franck Pohu clearly had no problem with it. He now looks back with great enthusiasm on his successful start as an import and export company Viridivi for indoor and outdoor plants, artificial and semi-artificial plants, as well as cut flowers, composed bouquets and decorative material in the high segment. Viridivi has been based in Naaldwijk since July 2021 and Franck Pohu serves its customers on the European market from there, especially in France and Italy. His secret? He listens carefully to his customers. On that basis, he provides services, advice and orders in the higher segment. FreshPortal software and a webshop contribute to his professional concept.

Building relationships
As ambitious and future-oriented as Franck Pohu is, he states that it is a prerequisite to be well acquainted with the culture of the countries that are delivered. “In fact, this is the core of the matter if you want to bind new relationships and maintain existing relationships. FreshPortal does that too. Success means building relationships. Incidentally, I have more than eighteen years of experience in the export of plants and bouquets to France. That's where my roots lie. After completing a management internship in the Netherlands for my studies, I started working in the flower and plant industry. And because I come from an entrepreneurial family, the idea of ​​starting my own business someday came naturally. On 1 July the time had come and I can now look back on a positive start with a nice clientele that is growing rapidly. This mainly includes florists and garden centers. We supply flowers and plants in the higher segment. A nice addition comes from an Italian partnership and includes a wonderful range of artificial and semi-plants to show off.”

Taken seriously
According to Franck Pohu, the start of a new company goes hand in hand with the choice of the best software and web shop supplier. “I was tipped off to FreshPortal by an acquaintance. In the past I have often worked with software from multiple parties, so I know what is for sale. However, FreshPortal's software immediately appealed to me. As well as the fact that as a starting export company I was taken seriously from the first contact. The pleasant contact moments with the implementation team that followed ensured that I was able to start with a custom software package with a web shop linked to it. But I also found the fact that all software is fully cloud-based was a great advantage. This means that we can work with it anywhere. Not all software suppliers have this option. And just as interesting are the expansion options of the FreshPortal software so that Viridivi can grow with it. The website is quite basic, but again it has all kinds of features that allow you to see what is happening. Of course there is always room for improvement and that is also the beauty of FreshPortal. Because, just like myself, FreshPortal is also continuously improving and is fully involved in thinking along with the customer.”

Not complicated
Franck Pohu is equally pleased with the user-friendliness and he confirms that the FreshPortal software is not complicated. “You really don't have to be an IT person to be able to work with it. It all goes without saying and within two weeks you will be familiar with most of the functions. You can also make many adjustments on the webshop yourself. The Viridivi webshop looks fresh and professional and is currently four-lingual: Dutch, English, French and Italian. For this I arranged the translations myself. This is quite close. I hope to be able to add a Spanish translation to this in the near future as Viridivi continues to roll out its clientele. Because like FreshPortal provides Viridivi with customization and is being taken seriously. Short lines and excellent service are paramount!”

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