Bromelia Flowers in Indonesia choose FreshPortal software

Hasfarm implements FreshPortal SaaS in their companies
Bromelia Flowers in Indonesia choose FreshPortal software

Another global expansion of FreshPortal with the addition of Bromelia Flowers in Indonesia. The customer went live in only one week, with modules such stock inventory management for multiple locations, incoming shipments, labeling, order management and a management dashboard. Available in the local language, with the option to further expand and finetune the translations themselves.

“The module-based system allows us to grow step by step"

According to Jean-Philippe Oulevey, Executive Committee Member of Hasfarm Holdings and Director of Greenwings Japan, where FreshPortal software has been used for years: "We have decided to choose FreshPortal again for Bromelia Flowers in Indonesia. Their cloud-based approach, trouble-free and unburdening local region hosting in Amazon AWS, high degree of flexibility of the software, multi-language and multi-currency support and extensive industry knowledge have once again been decisive".

Bromelia will grow by adding features like a webshop and special offers management. Jean-Philippe explains: "The module-based system allows us to grow step by step, and the implementation is phased. People can get used to the steps we are taking in the field of automation and digitization within our companies".

The director at PT Bromelia Indah, Lusye Irawati, involved with the decision making and the project kick-off,  adds to that: “The software is intuitive, our people could get started right away. FreshPortal will help us enormously to optimize our business, gain more insight, increase margins and optimize customer satisfaction”.

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Bromelia Flowers (Greenwings Bromelia)
One of the leading importers and distributors of fresh cut flowers in Indonesia. With distribution centers in Jakarta, BSD City, and Bali, Bromelia Flowers is one of the leading importers and wholesalers of fresh flowers in Indonesia. Established in 2008, Bromelia imports flowers from Ecuador, the Netherlands, Vietnam, New Zealand, and China. Hasfarm has signed a Strategic Partnership agreement with Bromelia Flowers. In recognition of Hasfarm’s role, Bromelia Flowers will serve their customers and suppliers in the future as Greenwings Bromelia.

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“FreshPortal will help us enormously to optimize our business, gain more insight, increase margins and optimize customer satisfaction”

Hasfarm holdings
Hasfarm holdings controls a group of companies dedicated to the production and distribution of horticultural products throughout Asia. The key product line is fresh cut flowers, but they are also present in the production & distribution of young plants, pot plants, and biological pest control products. 

Hasfarm employs about 3.500 employees and have businesses in China, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand and Vietnam, and they are present at nearly all the levels of the traditional supply chain in the fresh cut flowers industry, meaning being involved in breeding, propagating, producing, trading, wholesaling and retailing.  

FreshPortal Software
FreshPortal is modern, future-proof cloud-native software for automation and digitization in the floriculture sector. At its core an ERP system that connects supply and demand and, due to its modular structure, can be easily adapted to the customer's needs and profile. User-friendly, cost-efficient, easy to integrate and scalable. "With our innovative software solutions, we make the floriculture industry more efficient and connect it globally."

FreshPortal software is powerful, user-friendly and connects your data, teams and customers in a single system that grows with your business. Unique in the industry is that interested companies can try our software for 30 days start small and manageable and grow from there. FreshPortal's online onboarding, with “help bubbles” and AI training videos, gets new users up and running quickly.

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