New FreshPortal handheld

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New FreshPortal handheld

FreshPortal Software also continues to innovate in terms of hardware. The software has various modules that can also be used on a mobile handheld. Think of Wholesale and Flower delivery driver sales, but also product management, inventory control and WMS-related logistics operations, such as working with stock locations and order picking.

The new handheld, now based on Android, is delivered as a complete product by FreshPortal Software, with its accessories, configuration and support. After a test period with several customers, it is now in full use and the experiences are very positive.


The new FreshPortal handheld in use.


Unburdening through Mobile Device Management
FreshPortal will manage these new handhelds entirely remotely. Jeremy Voorn, support and implementation employee at FreshPortal and involved in the introduction of the new handheld: "This means that, if necessary, we can remotely access logs and other hardware-related issues of the devices in use at the client. We can also update the scan app and provide remote support to users if necessary, for example to remotely explain a handheld module or watch it during the process and be able to make optimizations based on that." Unburdening the customer through MDM is part of the FreshPortal handheld module.